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“Steadfastly open all year is the Morrison Gallery in the town center, a linchpin of Litchfield County’s art scene”
---New York Times



William Morrison began his career in the arts by studying guitar in Los Angeles and was soon playing with such legendary performers as the Les Paul Trio. It was soon evident that Mr. Morrison’s commitment to creative expression extended well beyond the music stage and in 1998 he opened the Morrison Gallery in Kent, CT. In order to provide a dynamic new venue for artists and viewers alike, the Morrison Gallery now exhibits the work of emerging regional artists, contemporary luminaries, and modern masters. Under Bill Morrison’s direction, the range of style and media are vast and the commitment to quality, constant.

The soaring seven thousand square foot main gallery allows for the exhibition of major works and large scale sculpture while adjoining rooms provide a more intimate setting for smaller pieces. Exhibits are magnified in scope by the gallery’s natural light, and the floor-to-ceiling front windows allow the art to freely converse with the viewer from both outside and inside the gallery.

With rotating exhibits year round, receptions at the Morrison Gallery are a highlight of Litchfield County’s cultural calendar, drawing collectors from New York City, the Berkshires, the Hudson Valley and New York State’s Capital Region.



In addition, a beautifully appointed Gallery Apartment across from the gallery is available for visiting artists and clients. Contact us with inquiries.

The Bedroom Living Room Kitchen/Dining Area



8 Old Barn Road

Kent, Connecticut 06757



Wednesday - Saturday

10:30 AM - 5:30 PM


1 PM - 4 PM

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